Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different Connect experience levels?
We have three different ways that you can experience Connect 2021: VIP, Standard, or free. Free attendees will have access to the livestream of our sessions. VIP and Standard attendees will have access to the livestream and recordings of all sessions, as well as additional monthly events and content in the Connect Education Network through 2021. VIP attendees will also get an exclusive Connect swag box and have access to all our awesome night events. Spots are limited for VIP attendees, so if that is how you’d like to experience Connect 2021, be sure to register early! For a full list of the benefits and pricing for each different experience, head over to our pricing page
How will I access Connect 2021 sessions?
Attendees will be emailed instructions to access the livestream once registration is complete. For VIP and Standard attendees, you will be given access to the Connect Education Network to access session presentation materials and recordings. 
I’m a free attendee, what will I have access to?
As a free attendee you will have access to the livestream of our sessions. Please note, these are not recordings, so you’ll need to join us at the time of the session. See our agenda for the event lineup. 
Will I be able to see session recordings?
Paid attendees, both VIP and Standard, will have access to recordings of our sessions through the Connect Education Network, our online Infor EAM training portal. Those who have selected a free experience for Connect 2021 will not have access to recordings.
Will speaker presentations be available after the conference?
Yes, attendees who have picked a paid experience (both VIP and Standard) will have access to presentations via the Connect Education Network, our on-demand training portal, for an entire year. Connect Education Network members will have unlimited access as long as you are subscribed.
Anything else?
If you have any questions or if there is anything we can do to make your conference more enjoyable or productive, please don’t hesitate to contact us.