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Why Advoco Connect?

 For the past 8 years, users have been building an amazing community around Infor EAM at Connect, an annual Infor EAM user conference. But 2020 presented a new challenge: COVID-19 made it impossible to be together in person. So, plans were adjusted and we created an entirely new online membership experience for Connect 2020.

Instead of just one week of training, Connect 2020 presents members the opportunity to have an entire year of content and connections. By becoming a member of Connect 2020, you’ll have access to hands on training by Advoco experts, product demos from the Infor team, and a platform to engage with other people who are passionate about their Infor EAM system for an entire year!


The online membership for Connect 2020 is hosted in the Connect Education Network, Advoco’s online Infor EAM training platform. Through the Connect Education Network portal, you’ll have access to recorded content exclusive to your Connect 2020 membership, in addition to hundreds of videos on general Infor EAM training. You will also be able to register for weekly live sessions where you can meet up with your Infor EAM community and discuss a variety of topics, ask questions, and hear from other users.

Our engaging sessions are presented by customers and Infor product experts, so you can see how others are currently using their system and find ways to better your system. You’ll also get plenty of opportunities to network with the Infor EAM community, working together to solve the problems we all face. 

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Of a kind membership experience



You should never feel alone, out on an island, and unsure of what to do next.


But EAM can be complicated and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. 

It’s time to put those feelings aside, by working together and connecting.


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