Connect 2020

Membership Package


Connect 2020 gives you the unique opportunity to be a member of the Infor EAM community and continue your EAM education.


While we normally get together in person for an annual Infor EAM user conference, 2020 shaped up to look a little different. We are excited to offer you, and the entire Infor EAM community, the chance to be a part of Connect 2020, a first-of-its-kind virtual membership.


As a Connect 2020 member you’ll have access to hundreds of training videos, exclusive online events like Office Hours and customer interviews, and so much more! See below for a full listing of membership benefits for Connect 2020.

Live sessions

Members have access to monthly live sessions through the Connect Education Network, Advoco’s online Infor EAM training platform, through April 2021. Join us from wherever you are, you can even wear your pajamas! Live sessions include interviews with customers and Infor EAM users, exclusive insights from the Infor team, and more.

Exclusive training

A library of over 30 recorded sessions on a variety of topics, just for Connect 2020 members, is at your fingertips. Videos are broken down into different training topics including: Mobile, Stores and Purchasing, Maintenance and Equipment, Technical, and Customer Stories. Watch the sessions on your own time, at your own pace.

Advoco office hours

Our team holds live Office Hours sessions on a biweekly basis. During Office Hours you can ask EAM experts about the sessions you’ve watched and any of your EAM needs or questions. This is a great time to engage with other Infor EAM users about industry trends and best practices.

Amazing speakers

Our lineup of speakers is second to none. Hear from familiar faces from the Advoco and Infor teams, as well as awesome customer stories.

Share the learning

We want you to share your Connect 2020 membership with your team! When you become a member, we’ll give you access for up to five other teammates from your organization. That means your teammates can learn right along with you through April 2021! * ($3600 value)

*Limit 25 users per organization

Additional Infor EAM content

You have full access to all the amazing Infor EAM training courses and content in the Connect Education Network throughout the year. Watch webinars, take quizzes, and stay up to date on the latest Infor EAM updates and upgrades. All this content in addition to the exclusive Connect 2020 sessions!

Connect 2021 registration

For all Connect 2020 members, we're offering 10% off your 2021 membership. Stay tuned for some potential regional events in the fall as well. ($150 value)

Surprises and more

We’ve got surprises up our sleeves! Think online happy hours, pop up events, and some special guests!

Connect for Good

Your membership funds support Connect for Good, an initiative built on bringing communities together and spreading smiles to those in need. Connect for Good supports different organizations to make the biggest impact we can by not only providing food for our community but also creating jobs for the restaurant industry. We have already distributed over 8,000 meals.


What Members are Saying

I got so much more out of the presentations this year, even though I did not attend the presentation when it was live, on review I could see the entire presentation, not just the Power Point slides.


You guys have helped my career in a way that you will never know and because of that I will always be at Connect in the future and I will always be grateful. Lots of good friends made in the past and more to come in the future.


I love the ability to have a year of training!



Sessions are very great and very informative.

All sessions are put together very well. I enjoy the several opportunities to connect/network.



The ability to be able to share the Connect Education Network with other team members is great!


We hope you'll become a member of Connect 2020!

Don't miss out on the first-ever virtual Connect membership with awesome educational EAM content and fun surprises! This is a unique opportunity to be a member of the Connector community and utilize this time to continue your EAM education.

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