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It all started with a dream over a decade ago. Since inception in 2002, our Vision to earn the title of Trusted Advisor has never been more evident. Advoco’s group of individuals, who each possess contagious enthusiasm, makes up a team that strives daily to do something awesome.

In Latin, advoco means “to call in an advisor.” We chose our name because that is what we hope to be - an advisor, someone you can trust. Advoco means expecting the success that comes from a Trusted Advisor. It’s a promise we made years ago, and we work every day to deliver on that promise.

From our first interaction with you to our long term partnerships, we want you to expect success in everything we do. Advoco’s Mission is to deliver leading enterprise asset management solutions that enable our clients to achieve more reliable operations.

Advoco’s team of flexible, creative, and highly-experienced Infor EAM and maintenance consulting professionals is here for you. Let us help you increase your efficiency and productivity so that your business continues to thrive.