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Agenda & Sessions

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Connect Kick Off

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Session Types

You'll experience 4 different session types at Connect:

Deep Dives

Held on Monday morning, these are intensive, pre-conference classes that focus on specific topics. These classes will give you more time to learn directly from an instructor in a classroom environment. Select your Deep Dive session in your dashboard.

Public Sector Summit

Get together with other EAM users in the Public Sector and learn from each other. You will have the chance to roundtable about the issues you face and the ways you have overcome obstacles. Register for the Public Sector Summit in your dashboard.


We’ll host mainstage sessions in the auditorium throughout the conference. Our mainstage sessions allow us to come together all at once and hear from a lineup of awesome speakers.


Learning in a classroom setting, you can pick classes from 4 different tracks on a variety of topics. You can jump from track to track, but be aware that seating is first come, first served so arrive to classes early.



We're still working on our Connect 2020 lineup. Get to know some of our awesome Connect 2019 customer and partner speakers in the meantime.

Heather Preu

Senior Vice President, Global Solutions 


Heather Preu is a global leader with over 20 years experience in the technology industry.  Her broad background includes working with large global clients to improve their bottom line by implementing systems and processes that allow them to gain better visibility to data while at the same time providing more powerful tools to help analyze the data. She is currently the SVP Global Solutions responsible for driving growth and enablement at a global level by helping clients unlock value and new insights through adoption of our solutions and platform.

Dustin Haley

Maintenance Systems Analyst 


Dustin Haley has worked as an Analyst, Trainer, and QA on various EAM solutions for 15 years. He is currently a software analyst for FirstGroup America. His focus area is in supporting Infor EAM, but also supports numerous applications within FirstGroup America. While supporting and training users on EAM solutions, Dustin has gotten the opportunity to travel to 12 different countries.

Suzanne Furguson

Applications Administrator 

Berkeley County Water & Sanitation

In her role at Berkeley County Water and Sanitation, Suzanne Ferguson serves as a project manager for installation and configuration of applications across her organization. In this role she maintains application resiliency and performance standards as well as coordinates training for supporting systems. She has previously held roles as a programmer, database administrator, and engineering associate.

Kevin Price

Technical Product Evangelist 


Kevin Price has over 20 years of experience in EAM solutions. He has served in multiple leadership roles in sales, service, development, and product management with Infor. Currently, Kevin is the Senior Product Director for the Infor EAM portfolio, which includes EAM, MP2, and Spear Technologies. Kevin is based out of the Infor EAM development office in Greenville, SC.

Nadia Stolfo

Senior Process Analyst 

FirstGroup America

As the Senior Process Analyst in the Maintenance Systems department at FirstGroup America, Nadia leads maintenance system support and upgrades for one of the largest transportation providers in North America. She has over ten years of experience with fleet management systems and over thirty years of experience as a software trainer and courseware developer.  Nadia is a highly committed project leader driven to deliver the best possible solution to every maintenance technician in each facility that she serves.

Giuseppe Delmonte

Founder & CEO 

CAD Service

As the original founder of CAD Service in 1989, Giuseppe has been instrumental in unifying computer-aided design (CAD) and enterprise asset management (EAM) technologies. His company is an Infor Solution Partner providing OpenCAD solutions worldwide. 

Shawn Bichsel

Business Systems Analyst 

City of Georgetown

Shawn is the Infor EAM System Administrator for the City of Georgetown’s Utilities, Fleet, Warehouse, and Public Works divisions. He has served in this role since the organization’s Infor EAM Go-Live date of October 13th, 2014. His daily focus is on the users’ needs within the business and all system integrations with Infor EAM.

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