10 Things We Love About U [sers]

In honor of February, the month of love, I would like to share 10 Things We Love about U [sers].

Do you ever think “Wow, how did we get this lucky?” As we get ready for our 5th (!!!) annual Connect conference, I’ve been having this feeling a lot. I feel fortunate to work with a group of people who are so passionate about what they do and are zealous to share that passion with others. It may sound trite, but these EAM enthusiasts really are like a family.

In a recent survey to my fellow Advocoites, I asked them to share some things they find to be true about Infor EAM users, and here are some of my favorites:

  1. They like to share life stories: “The customers I work with keep in touch with me almost daily. Most of them inquire about work processes, but they also like to share stories about their lives (often over a cold beer)!”

  2. They have one thing in common: “We have a variety of customers from very technical people to very maintenance oriented people. This makes for an interesting and diverse group of folks that all have one thing in common: Infor EAM.”

  3. They’re all about the correct process: “I often discuss processes such as the purchasing process and how they flow together - understanding how to correct things and do it the right way is important to them.”

  4. They see through the hogwash: “They see through the things others claim to do. Meaning, they know that Infor EAM is the best and is capable of so much more than most even think about.”

  5. They are a unique breed: “EAM users have this passion about doing their jobs the very best they can. EAM makes their jobs easier so they desire to become better at using it!”

  6. They love food and mingling: “Everyone knows that we like to have a good time, and it always makes me smile because when our get-togethers start to wind down, everyone is looking around like ‘It’s over already? What should we do next?!”

  7. They learn by doing: “Our customers like detailed instructions and definitely are a hands-on bunch. Training sessions that are face-to-face always have the biggest impact.”

  8. They have interesting hobbies: “A lot of our customers have a dry sense of humor which I can relate to. Some things they like to do are play video games, go to football games, garden and do other outdoor activities, and spend time with family.”

  9. They are proud: “This EAM community is a proud bunch of people. They are proud of the impact they make in the world - their families, their work, the companies they work for, really everything.”

  10. They are multi-dimensional: “You may not know this from first interaction, but although EAM users may work in maintenance, they have a nerdy side to them and find discovering new things the software can do fascinating!”

It’s clear that at Advoco, we get to work with some awesome customers. I’m looking forward to seeing all their happy faces in May and getting to connect about the thing we are all so passionate about... Infor EAM!

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