What's Your Story?

In 1981, Marty Osborn, partner at Advoco, was a student at Clemson University cheering loudly from the stands as he watched the team he loved win the College Football National Championship.

Recently, Marty got to relive that moment again with his son, who is a senior at Clemson now. During that game in Tampa, Marty had many emotions, but he recalls that the best feeling, by far, was feeling proud and grateful to share that special moment with his son. And that's Marty’s story.

Like Marty, we know you have a story to tell. Which is why we chose the theme "It's Your Story" for this year's Infor EAM User Conference, Connect 2017. It's our 5th annual event, and we can't wait to share stories, network, and learn with our favorite EAM enthusiasts again this year. Don't just take our word for it, watch our invitation video.

Be sure to register today, spots are filling up fast!

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