Do You Feel the Love?

At Advoco, we use the acronym LOVE as Living Our Values Every Day, and one of our core values is being Knowledgeable. We are constantly pursuing new information about EAM, maintenance, leadership, and new technology; then, we turn that around and share it with you.

One of the best ways we’re able to share knowledge and information with you, our users, is at Connect. It’s so important to always keep learning new things to make your system even more effective and efficient, and what better way to do it than with a group of passionate individuals, just like yourself?

We’re so excited about all the sessions and presentations we’re going to have this year, including:

  • Narrative of a Top Snack Manufacturer: How EAM Transformed Fleet Operations

  • Up: Demonstration of Cloud Hosting Capabilities

  • Oh the Places You'll Go: v11.3 in Action

  • Extensibility Framework: Enriching the EAM UX

  • Taking Your Grids from Good to Great

Connect offers you the opportunity to learn some new EAM skills, or brush up on something you haven’t worked with in a while. We can’t wait to celebrate our 5th year of Connect with you, learning, exploring, and growing together!

Hope you are feeling the LOVE!​

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