Our Favorite Quotes About Connect

As we gear up for another year of Connect, we spent some time reminiscing about past years and all the great times we’ve had. Not sure if Connect is for you? Don’t take our word for it, here’s what past attendees have to say:

On the networking:

  • “The vibrancy of all the people here – one of the great things you like to see is the fact that everybody’s interested in the product, they’re interested in the people, and they’re getting something out of it. You can tell that.”

  • “The networking and seeing all these different businesses and other people use the system, and just learning where the company is going and the direction that everything is moving towards.”

  • “People should come to Connect because it’s a great way to not only learn about the product but also they can meet all kinds of new people, really form connections that they can’t get elsewhere.”

  • “My favorite thing about Connect is to be able to put a face to the voice on the other end of the line.”

On the learning:

  • “You get to hear what everybody else is doing, and in that process we learn. And we learn how we might be able to help one another, and how they can help us.”

  • “I took away a lot of good information that I will take back to my facilities and pass on to my guys.”

  • “To hear other people say, ‘I deal with that too.’”

  • “Sometimes it’s not just about the product, but it’s really cultural issues and how you implement things.”

On the presentations:

  • “Different presenters had great comments and great ideas, and I captured all those and want to take them back to share them with my team.”

  • “My favorite thing about Connect is the breakout sessions. I really like getting down into the product and learning more about the futures and what's coming out new.”

  • “There’s a wealth of information and during the breakout sessions you start to see some of the components that maybe you’re not using that may help you with your business needs.”

And a few of our favorite one-liners:

  • “Everybody here speaks the same language.”

  • “The best thing I’ve learned? How to do my job better!”

  • “I would recommend this to everybody.”

  • “I couldn’t wait to come back.”

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