You Can’t Self-Coach Without a Coach

Every morning, Seth Godin, a prominent author and business executive, sends out an email with some daily inspiration.

A recent story was about coaching, he titled it 90% of Coaching is Self-Coaching. The premise is simple – you need to push yourself, but you can’t do it alone. You can put in 90% of the work, but you need a coach to give that final 10%.

Picture a football coach, screaming on the sidelines. The players can’t always hear what the coach is saying, but it isn’t about that. It’s about the work leading up to the game. It’s about the coach’s voice being in the players head, even when they can’t hear it out loud. It’s about the way the coach has shaped the players outlook, so they know what plays to call and where to be next.

It’s the same way in business.

While it’s possible to coach yourself, can you become your best if you rely solely on your own knowledge to grow? Can you really develop good habits and standards to propel yourself forward?

To be your best, you need a coach helping you along the way. Not someone who is always there, but someone who is helping to shape your outlook, who serves as that voice inside your head.

As Seth explains, “Sooner or later, all motivation is self-motivation. And the challenge and opportunity is in finding the external forces that will soon become internal ones.”

When you give yourself access to the right tools and education, you are able to coach yourself more effectively.

A great place to start is with coming together with like-minded individuals with similar goals – like Connect 2019! Find out what creative solutions others have put into action and network so that you can lean on a community to think bigger and differently.

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You can do 90% of the work, but you need a support system to get you that final 10% of the way. Come find that 10% at Connect 2019!

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